The Parliament Central Administration and Civic Education at the Ministry of Youth and Sports

The Parliament Central Administration and Civic Education at the Ministry of Youth and Sports

The Parliament Central Administration and Civic Education at the Ministry of Youth and Sports is a supporting partner of the 2nd Nasser Fellowship for International Leadership
The Parliament Central Administration and Civic Education adopt strategies based on examining the needs of the rising generations and youth as well as societal issues that affect their proper upbringing as citizens with a sense of belonging to their home country and active participants in public life. This is achieved through setting goals, taking enforcement action, organizing programs and establishing mechanisms in alignment with the following: Egypt’s Vision 2030, the African Agenda 2063 and the National Anti-Corruption Strategy. 
The Parliament Central Administration works to promote the principles of transparency, integrity and accountability in accordance with the government's program, thus contributing to creating a generation of leaders aware of the nation’s issues and able to participate in public, political, parliamentary and societal life. Their effective, creative and innovative participation would become the mainstay of development and State-building.

The Central Administration also works to sustain plans, programs and activities in the parliamentary sphere of pioneers and youth, national formation and political development, to prepare plans and programs in the area of political education among young people and to instill the values of citizenship, participation as well as the culture of human rights in order to develop their political sense.

One of the most important goals of the Administration is to prepare parliamentary cadres and youth leaders with aspirations and new leadership skills based on a correct understanding of all aspects of the challenges and problems on the scene. The aim is to spread political and parliamentary awareness among all youth gatherings, in order to broaden the base of beneficiaries of children, youth and graduates in the field of civic education.
The Administration also seeks constantly to connect with various international organizations, bodies and donors to implement training programs for children and youth in all governorates. It is keen to establish specialized programs for children and youth in border governorates and Upper Egypt with regard to community development. It works to accommodate various entities and youth movements in all forms, supporting them to reach a successful societal role under the umbrella of the Ministry of Youth and Sports.
The Parliament Central Administration and Civic Education works to sharpen the skills of those in charge of the parliamentary implementation of the pioneers and youth, national education, political development and civic education programs. It is keen to prepare youth leaders and refine the capabilities of women leaders, preparing and qualifying them to play their role in social, economic and political aspects as well as increasing their opportunities for empowerment, and training through different simulation models of political and parliamentary life.

It should be noted its mandated role of overseeing the organization of seminars, conferences and meetings in the political field aims to nurture, develop and educate children and youth, to promote the values of the practice of sound democratic politics, as well as to enhance their sense of belonging and citizenship, all of which are achieved in coordination with the concerned authorities. This, in its turn, contributes to correcting misconceptions, promoting the sense of loyalty and belonging, strengthening the Egyptian identity, peaceful coexistence, societal peace and moderation, establishing a role model, and introducing the modern and contemporary history of Egypt and the history of the development of parliamentary and political life in Egypt.

Through its programs, the Administration works to discuss all "political and societal" issues such as illegal immigration, human trafficking, national security threats (rumors, misconceptions and extremism), dangers of addiction, smoking, illiteracy, school dropout, overpopulation, and violence against children and women, etc. This type of issues negatively affects children and youth, and that is why the Administration takes the responsibility of presenting and discussing these issues, in an attempt to find solutions and legislations to eradicate the problem by adopting innovative and creative youth visions.

Lastly, the Central Administration and civic Education and all its sections contribute effectively to activating the role of youth, adopting youth initiatives and motivating them to play a positive role in society, qualifying them to occupy leadership positions in various fields and empowering active cadres capable of policy/decision making and crisis management. This is achieved through the organization and implementation of training programs and expertise exchange programs for young people, at the Arab, African and international levels.