The Central Administration of Cultural and Volunteer Programs

The Central Administration of Cultural and Volunteer Programs

The "Central Administration for Cultural and Volunteer Programs" is one of the central departments concerned with youth activities. It organized several programs and activities for the benefit of all Egyptian youth nationwide, noting that the type of activities varied between cultural, artistic, volunteer or leisure. In fact, more than two million young men and women benefit from these activities annually. The aim is to raise cultural and scientific awareness, unleash the creative youthful skills, promote a sense of loyalty and belonging among children and youth, and encourage youth to team up and volunteer, as well as to expand recreational activities and utilize their leisure time. This is all based on the 2030 Strategy.

The Central Administration for Cultural and Volunteer Programs is keen to intensify dialogue programs for youth worldwide, providing opportunities for interaction between Egyptian youth and their counterpart in various Arab and foreign countries. This is through youth exchange programs in all cultural, artistic and social areas.

It also works to revive the Egyptian cultural and civilizational heritage in the hearts of young people, to implement plans and programs in cultural, artistic, volunteer and youth scout development areas, and to provide the necessary resources to reach the largest number of beneficiaries.

The Central Administration designs programs in the area of research development and innovation among young people to broaden their perceptions, develop their cultural and scientific appreciation. It also sponsors prominent youth, and implements environmental awareness programs, thus contributing to solving environmental problems, all of which are implemented in coordination with the concerned authorities.

The Administration seeks to spread the Scout Movement, supporting young scout teams and motivating the distinguished ones. It constantly organizes scout trips for them, in order to promote a sense of self-reliance, loyalty and belonging.

It should be noted that the Administration also works to promote girls and women, integrating their efforts into comprehensive development programs, enabling them to play their economic and social role, strengthening their connection to society, in addition to enhancing youth participation in volunteer programs on a larger scale, and linking between volunteer work and national issues.